Modern Library Mini

Mon Mar 22 23:23:15 EST 2004

There were six minis, all published in 1996:

Bulfinch, Cupid and Psyche and Other Fables
Colette, Bella-Vista
Donne, Going to Bed and Other Poems
O'Hara, We'll Have Fun
Twain, Diary of Adam and Eve
Wilde, Salome

There was a short-lived fad for paperback minis at this 
period.  I have a feeling Penguin Books started it, but I'd 
have to check to make sure.  The ML jumped on the fad as it 
was fading, and the initial list of six titles was the 
last.  The six titles were displayed in cardboard display 
cases supplied by the ML and sold for $1.99 each.

Barry Neavill

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>   A 1996 John O'Hara "We'll have fun" caught my eye
>   although being a MINI it was easy to overlook. Has
>   this diversion from the hardbacks and the quest for
>   the elusive firsts been noticed by anyone? Nothing
>   -- unless I missed it -- has shown up on our
>   wonderful website. Ernest Schott

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