1930 Moby Dick Illus. by Kent

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There is no 1930 ML Giant edition -- the copyright refers to the Kent 
drawings for the Lakeside Press limited edition, which were later reprinted in the ML 
Giant. The first ML Giant edition of Moby Dick appeared in 1944, and the 
copyright page for the first printing in that format must state "First Modern 
Library Giant edition" or something similar. If it doesn't it's a later printing. 
And yes, copyright notices are retained throughout a book's printing history, 
and not just for MLs. They are not an indication of when the particular book 
you're holding was printed.

Bob Riedel

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jaw8 at lehigh.edu writes:

> I'm a new collector of Modern Library classics, and I've been puzzled by 
> what 
> seems to be a discrepancy in ebay sales prices of this item.  Recently I 
> purchased a 1930 MLG edition of Moby Dick in VG condition with VG dust 
> jacket 
> for what I thought was a reasonable $17.00.  This edition has the yellow 
> Kent 
> illustration on a black background.  I have 2 questions which I hope you all 
> can help with:
> 1.  Recently an ebay seller advertised this same book (in worse condition!) 
> as 
> a "first edition" (not first thus) and sold it for over $200 dollars.  Does 
> this make any sense?
> 2.  dogeared.com lists the aforementioned yellow on black dustjacket design 
> as 
> used for 1956-1964 editions of this book, although my book clearly states 
> copyright 1930.  Were subsequent printings always dated on the books?

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