153.1 Merejkowski "Death of the Gods" first ed.

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I have a first of this in DJ. It is identical to the Number 4 binding, except 
that there are two short horizontal lines separating the title and author at 
the top of the spine. Both the book and DJ have Spring 1929 titles listed (no 
Chaucer). I would speculate having the tree at the base of the spine makes it 
a later binding.

The note for 153.1 dust jacket image on dogeared.com says that the true first 
for this title is in the transitional binding.  The dogeared piece on 
transitional bindings lists several types, but I have a copy of 153.1 that doesn't 
seem to fit.</DIV>
 <DIV> </DIV>
 <DIV>My copy is stated as a first on the reverse of the title page, and the 
catalog at the end of the book is correct for a spring, 1929 printing (I don't 
have a dj).  However, the binding is not one of the "transitional" bindings 
as described in the dogeared piece.  Rather it is a different form of the 
normal #5 binding.  It is green in color, has the tree colophon at the base of the 
spine, has a gold rather than blind stamped torchbearer, but has Bernhard 
rather than Kent endpapers.  So, is this a transitional binding (since it doesn't 
match the description for a regular #5 because of Bernhard endpapers) and a 
first, or do I have a non-first here?</DIV>
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 <DIV>Ron Thoman</DIV>
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