93.1 - Marjorie Fleming's Book or Diary?

John Krygier jbkrygie at owu.edu
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On Mar 12, 2004, at 6:48 PM, Ron Thoman wrote:

> Also, can anyone shed more light on this child and her book?  It seems 
> a curious title for ML to include in it's catalog.  I also note that 
> on a page between Smyth's introduction and the beginning of the book 
> itself  is the following:
> "The Publishers wish to express their appreciation to N. P. D. of The 
> New York Evening Globe, for suggesting this book for the Modern 
> Library.

This was an odd title to include in the 'Modern' Library, given
the focus of the early ML on more cutting edge, post-Victorian
literature.  As far as I can find in a quick glance thru some
lit history books (as well as the WWW), child diarist and poet
'Pet Marjorie' was largely a Victorian sensation, possibly due
to her death at the age of 8 (she wrote the Diary in the last
year or so of her life).  The essay by Brown (appended to the
Diary) written (I think) in the 1850s seems to have played a
large role in generating interest in Fleming's diary.

It is possible that there was some post-Victorian interest in
Fleming.  However, the title seems to be one that was discontinued
when Cerf and Knopfer took over the ML, and may have been added
to the ML as a favor to some pal of Liveright (I recall reading in
Barry Neavill's articles or maybe his dissertation that this
happened with a few of the B&L era titles that were excised from
the ML when Cerf and Knopfer took over).

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