Maltese Falcon DJ

Sat Mar 13 13:32:36 EST 2004

The first printing of the Maltese Falcon jacket has a spring 
1934 list inside the jacket: the list includes Caldwell's 
God’s Little Acre but not Heyward, Porgy; ML Giants are 
listed through G14.

Barry Neavill

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>   Here's another question:
>   Can someone please tell me how to identify the
>   correct jacket for the 1934 first Modern Library
>   edition of The Maltese Falcon ?  I know it has the
>   green jacket with the five head-and-shoulder
>   characters illustration, but are there any points to
>   look for ?  Certain numbers of titles ?  Specific
>   titles, etc.?
>   Advice much appreciated.
>   Mark Sutcliffe
>   England
>   msfe at
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