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This torchbearer was first used on another 1928 title, 
(Proust, Swann's Way) and was also used on a number of ML 
titles published in 1929.  I call it torchbearer B.  I 
distinguish 30 torchbearers used between 1925 and the 
relaunch of the series in 1992.  There are 15 different 
designs; the other variants consist of the same design in 
different sizes.   

Barry Neavill

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>Subject: different torchbearer  
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>   The listserv has been pretty quiet lately, so I'll
>   pose another question.
>   The first edition of Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway" (96.2)
>   has - to my limited experience - a different and
>   unusual torchbearer logo on the title page.  Where
>   most of the torchbearers on title pages are filled
>   in and solid black, this one is an open outline, of
>   a different style, and with different type face for
>   the "Modern Library" surrounding it, and including
>   an "Inc" in the wording.  I can't find any other
>   examples of this in my collection.  Does anyone know
>   of other titles using this logo and type style,
>   and/or know its history?
>   Ron Thoman
>   rgthoman at earthlink.net
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