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As a PhD candidate studying literary modernism, I can tell you that Sinclair 
is famous for being the first to use Henry James's psychological term "stream 
of consciousness" in a critical article about fiction (she was writing about 
Dorothy Richardson, whose _Pilgrimage_ is considered to be the first "stream" 
novel by date--1913.   It's a wonder why the ML didn't publish any of 
Richardson's books . . .).   In any case, the publication of Sinclair seems to be in 
keeping with the trend to publish novels like _Portrait of the Artist_, 
_Ulysses_, and Woolf's stuff at the time.   Most of Sinclair's stuff is out of print 
now, as far as I know.   One of the fantastic things about the ML is the way is 
has kept affordable (and relatively) accessible some of these vanguard texts 
that have fallen by the wayside.

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