125.1 FMLEd or not?

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The ML edition of Gissing's NEW GRUB STREET, along with 
Joyce's DUBLINERS, was published in late December 1926. NEW 
GRUB STREET was listed in the December 25, 1926 "Weekly 
Record" listing of new publications in Publishers' Weekly; 
DUBLINERS was listed in the "Weekly Record" of January 1, 
1927.  Both had spring 1927 lists at the end of the volumes 
(including Hudson, PURPLE LAND but not JUDE THE OBSCURE).  
The DUBLINERS jacket had a fall 1926 list, the NEW GRUB 
STREET jacket had a spring 1927 list.

The FMLE statement was retained on at least one additional 
printing of NEW GRUB STREET. This printing is 8 pages 
shorter, ends with the last page of text (552), and omits 
the list of titles at the end; there is also a different 
publisher's note facing the title page.

Barry Neavill

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>Subject: 125.1 FMLEd or not?  
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>Back in February Berry Neavill gave the reply below (re. my 
question on
>Turgenev's "Smoke" regarding stated 1919 books issued in 
1920 and stated
>1920 books issued in 1921.
>Now I have another, similar question.  I have a copy of 
Gissing's "New Grub
>Street" (125.1), spine 4, which states itself as a "First 
Modern Library
>Edition 1926" and introduction copyright 1926, but the 
catalog at the back
>includes some (but not all) of the titles listed in the 
Guide as issued in
>Is this the same situation as it was with "Smoke", i.e. 
what I have is a
>first edition but it is a stated 1926 book issued in 1927?  
Or in this case
>is what I have not a first and FLMEd statement incorrect?
>And is this so with other years issues shown in the guide 
beside 1919/20,
>and 1920/21?
>Ron Thoman
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>> Subject: Re: ID 1st Turgenev "Smoke
>> You have the first printing of Turgenev's SMOKE.  SMOKE 
>> actually published in spring 1920, along with most of the 
>> other titles listed as 1919 titles in Henry's Guide.  
>> of these books are dated 1919 but didn't actually appear 
>> until 1920; most of the titles Henry lists for 1920 
>> appeared in 1921.)
>> There were 12 distinct lists of titles in ML books 
>> by Boni and Liveright.  I call these lists A-L.  Lists A-
>> appeared opposite the title page; lists F-L appeared in 
>> back matter.  The titles in lists F-G are identical; list 
>> has a jagged rule below the heading "Modern Library of 
>> World's Best Books" and list G has a double rule below 
>> heading.  Both of these lists occupy 6 pages.
>> The list at the end of the first printing of SMOKE is the 
>> one I call list G.  The blurb before the catalog is the 
>> I call "pub. note B2"; the 4-line pub. note facing the 
>> page (Turn to the end of this | volume for a complete | 
>> of titles in the | Modern Library) is pub. note A1.
>> Barry Neavill
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>> >
>> >   I have a BL copy, spine 2, no dj.  The blurb before
>> >   the catalog in the back of the book says it is a
>> >   complete catalog "including those published during
>> >   the Fall of Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen."  But the
>> >   list includes "Best Humorous American Short Stories"
>> >   and Latzko "Men in War", which the Guide on page102
>> >   says was added to the list in 1920.  None of the
>> >   rest of the 1920 list shown on page 102 of the guide
>> >   are in the catalog. 
>> >    
>> >   So, is this a copy from Spring 1920 despite what the
>> >   catalog intro said, therefore not a ML first
>> >   edition?  And if so, why weren't more of the titles
>> >   shown for 1920 in the Guide included in the catalog.
>> >    
>> >   The guide doesn't give any other identifier for a
>> >   first of this title.
>> >    
>> >   Ron Thoman
>> >   rgthoman at earthlink.net
>> >    
>> >    
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