Reading early and arcane MLs

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Wed Mar 10 19:16:36 EST 2004

You've spiked my interest in that particular book. Please comment on your
reading of 'Bed of Roses'.
People look at my shelves and assume they are all 'classics', in the sense
of being books they are at least familiar with the name of, and then are
croggled at the variety.
I've long come to the conclusion that any suppositions about why a book is
chosen to be published, or re-printed, or kept on the shelves, or to not win
a Hugo and therefore not send my child to college without a loan...  Oh,
sorry, anyway, any guesses, even based on writing of the editors at the
time, are based on the best guesses of those editors.
I was pleased to have my ML reading come up in a literary conversation
without me being the one to do it. Spider Robinson was talking about the
'new' Heinlein novel, Heinlein's first novel but not published until now (an
entire story documented elsewhere) and he compared it to "Looking Backward"
by Bellamy, which I had just read. If it weren't for my ML reading I would
not have picked it up, and it was not a book I enjoyed or would recommend,
but having read it added to my understanding of the point Spider was making.
Unfortunately, I don't have either of the books you talk about, or I'd join
you in a discussion.

Jo-Anne McBride 


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