Keeping track of MLs

Lewis Tanner take5 at
Tue Mar 2 14:19:39 EST 2004

After looking at a variety of freeware/shareware databases for book
tracking and collecting, I decided to create my own db. I use dbworx
( because it was the easiest to use, has excellent
import/export capabilities, and came with great help files. This program
creates a flat file db (one key field); I tried using a relational
database, Suneido, from but found that it was
easier using and learning dbworx.   

Mr. Trussel has a list of book collecting database programs on his
site. There are links to book collecting software, including Trussel's
list, on (  which also contains
FAQ's for the rec.collecting.books usenet newsgroup. You might want
to post a message to the newsgroup. also contains a list of free database
programs. You should post a question concerning free databases to
alt.comp.freeware or alt.comp.freeware.discussion (usenet newsgroups).

Note: none of the above sites have a complete list of db's for book
collectors. These sites are oriented to Windows programs.

GNU programs for Windows are located at
while programs for Linux are found at
Unfortunately, the sourceforge sites are not "user friendly" i.e. it is
difficult to find programs on these sites unless you know the exact name
of the program you want or are willing to spend hours using their search
engines. However, once you get the hang of the search engine, finding 
database programs should be easy. 

You might also want to look at the free databases found at (these are Window's programs). There is another
free book database called w95-mb (I can't remember the URL for it;
suggest that you do a google search for it.)
If you want info on the db that I created i.e. field names,  field
sizes, field types - numeric, alphanumeric, etc. -  let me know and I'll
send it to you. Lewis  

>>Does anyone have information on keeping a database for an ML collection?  If 
>>I remember correctly, the old price guide used to mention one for sale (on the 
>>back), but it's not on the new one.  It would sure be nice to buy or borrow 
>>one rather than key in all those titles myself.  Any info on where I could get 
>>one, or, failing that, advice on how best to set one up, would be appreciated. 

>>John Peterson

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