ML Dogeared Going Dark at End of August

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Fri Jul 30 12:47:10 EDT 2004

I'm sorry to see that ML Dogeared is closing down. Scot has done a 
magnificent job. I appreciate, and I'm sure others do, the immense amount of work that 
has gone into maintaining the site. As a suggestion what about really freezing 
the site in time, by puting illustrations of all the djs shown on CDs, plus 
also the various articles? Perhaps there are copyright problems, but I for one 
would be willing to buy such CDs.
Anyway, I personally am very grateful to you for the number of sales that 
your site has brought to the ML Price Guide. Thanks Scot and the best of luck for 
other endeavors you might decide to understake. 

Henry at Books etc
Books etc
PMB 395,
298 4th Avenue,
San Francisco,
CA 94118-2468
Tel: 415-387-7162
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