Dogeared and the Internet Archive

Fri Jul 30 00:29:04 EDT 2004

I'm saddened to learn of the forthcoming disappearance of, which has been an extraordinary resource for 
Modern Library collectors and has done a great deal to 
inform and guide all of us interested the collecting Modern 
Library books.  I'm grateful to Scot Kamins for the years 
of "slave labor" he put in to create and develop the site, 
and wish him well in his future endeavors.  

Dogeared may no longer be an active website, but thanks to 
the Internet Archive the information we have come to rely on 
will not cease to be available.  This extraordinary project 
has been systematically archiving websites since 1996 and 
currently consists of 30 billion web pages -- including, I'm 
happy to report,  In fact, the Internet 
Archive allows you to see what websites looked like at 
frequent intervals, almost like reading back issues of a 
newspaper.  You can follow the evolution of 
(and just about any other site you can think of) from 1996 
to the present.  If you go to and 
search for you will find 64 downloads of the 
website, beginning with one download in 1996 and eighteen in 
2003.  Scot's efforts and those of collectors who 
contributed to the site will remain part of the historical 

You don't need to download material from Dogeared over the 
next month; it will remain accessible on the Internet 

Barry Neavill

Gordon B. Neavill
Associate Professor
Library and Information Science Program
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48202
aa3401 at 

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