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Just returned from vacation, actually, in the tropical hell that is central Florida. Next year I hope we visit somewhere a little less humid--like maybe Devil's Island in French Guiana (we could order the Papillon tour package).

But this is an important question I've sometimes pondered: What happens to the MLs when we're gone? I hope to cultivate in my young children a love and respect for books and maybe they'll someday appreciate my collection. My wife is utterly bewildered by it all and wouldn't have the first clue as to how to dispose of the books (although Joe's fire idea might appeal to her).
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  Is everyone on vacation? There've been so few questions or answers on this great site. Has anyone had an interesting experience in buying or selling a collection of ML?  Sooner or later we will all - or our heirs - come to that question. Perhaps this would make an interesting topic such as the collection of how books are described in catalogs that we shared some time ago. Ernest Schott 
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