Kipling's Soldiers Three

Sat Jul 17 09:29:23 EDT 2004

I need help locating an early printing of Kipling's SOLDIERS 
THREE so I can include it in my ML bibliography.  This is 
one of the very few gaps (that I'm aware of) remaining in 
the bibliography.

SOLDIERS THREE was one of the first 12 ML titles published 
in 1917.  I have the first printing with the unruled title 
page, and I've seen the 1919 printing with the pictorial 
Brodzky title page reproduced on p. 77 of The Modern Library 
Price Guide.

Between these there would have been one or more printings 
with the following features:

Plain (unruled) binding (binding 1 Price Guide p. 77)
Simulated marbled endpaper (endpaper A Price Guide p. 77)
Title page enclosed in double rules
Probably an early ML list facing the title page

Copies with the pictorial Brodzky endpaper and a ML list at 
the end of the volume are later--I've seen these.

If anyone has a copy of SOLDIERS THREE with the features 
noted above I would be profoundly grateful to know about it!

Many thanks,
Gordon B. Neavill
Associate Professor
Library and Information Science Program
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48202
aa3401 at 

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