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Thu Jan 29 11:17:15 EST 2004

At 9:11 AM -0500 1/29/04, j b krygier wrote:
>Tricky thing about the recent bach of viri is that they
>may say they are from a particular address (such as MODLIB)
>but they are not (or at least this is what I was told by our
>infosystems folks).

Yeah. It's called "spoofing." In effect, a batch of e-mail addresses 
are hijacked and randomly inserted into the "from" field of letters 
sent out by the virus. The more clever viruses hijack your e-mail 
Address list from your computer and send replicant viruses to 
everyone on the list using YOUR e-mail return address, letting you 
think you can open an attachment with impunity.

By the way, people with Macintoshes running the MAC OS need not worry.

>I set the maximum number of characters
>allowed in a MODLIB posting to 5000

Damn! There goes my latest screed on those auctioneers on eBay who 
would defame our Finest.

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