j b krygier jbkrygie at
Thu Jan 29 09:11:38 EST 2004

John wrote:

> In a batch of eMails I received this AM, two were infected with the
> W32.NOVARG.A at MM.VIRUS virus.  One of the eMails is from the modlib
> listserve, or at least it appears to be.  Note that it indicates it was
> sent from the ML listserve on my behalf.  Any thoughts from the list
> serve moderator?  My regularly updated Norton Anti-Virus picked it up.
> For your information, I am responding to the eMail I received, sans the
> infected virus.

Hi Modlib,

The list (and just about everybody in the world) is being
bombarded by these emails (the direct result of our dependence
on a computer operating system monoculture).  About 30 per day
are being rejected by MODLIB (which rejects almost any email
with an attachment).

Tricky thing about the recent bach of viri is that they
may say they are from a particular address (such as MODLIB)
but they are not (or at least this is what I was told by our
infosystems folks).  I checked and I don't see any emails in
my mailer from MODLIB with the virus (except those that were

I set the maximum number of characters allowed in a MODLIB
posting to 5000 - and this should eliminate all emails with
attachments (the attached file, and all its characters, count
in this total).  This should eliminate all postings with
the virus attachment.

John Krygier
MODLIB Administrator

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