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Isabelle Pateer i_pateer at
Wed Jan 21 19:07:39 EST 2004

Dear members of the Modern Library e-list,

surfing the internet I came across this highly detailed website dealing with 
all those beautiful editions published by the Modern Library, With regards to one of these editions, I would very 
much apprepreciate your help.

I am a freelance curator and project manager at the Antwerp Museum of 
Photography ( This museum will re-open its doors 
in march, starting with a exhibition (featuring highly acclaimed artists, 
such as Jeff Wall) dealing with, in broad and general lines, the 
photographic image and the narrative. Since we regard allusion as a part of 
this concept, an image will be shown which alludes to 'Madame Bovary', the 
book by Flaubert. For the purpose of clarity, we have been searching 
numerous bookstalls and antiquarians searching for an edition of 'Madame 
Bovary' of which its cover more or less suits the general outlook of our 
catalogue. Unfortunately we could not find it. But the images of the covers 
published on one of the pages of the website mentioned above 
( , especially 
'1929 gift set' and '1936') seem to have all the features we have been 
looking for.

Of course I started making inquiries with the owner of this site, Mr. 
Kamins. But since the deadline is approaching real fast (this friday we have 
to deliver our final draft of our publication to the printer...) I hope you 
will all understand I think it is necessary to put my money on more than one 
horse. What I would like to ask is if it is possible for any of you to 
provide us with even better scans (of course we would be delighted with the 
best image quality possible) of these covers? If so, please accept our 
deepest feelings of gratitude. And please do provide us with all the 
conditions under which the images should be published.

Hope anyone of you will kindly help us out. Many thanks in advance.

Isabelle Pateer
Tel: (0032)(0)494249792

PS. Please would you be so kind to reply to the following address:
Thanks again!!

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