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Sat Jan 17 16:08:02 EST 2004

While on vacation, our travels took us to Charleston, SC.  One evening, our daily walks took us into the strikingly beautiful campus of the College of Charleston.

We found the campus bookstore and went on in.  After some general browsing, I rounded a corner of shelving to see the "Literature: Classic" section.  Imagine my delight as I saw the section consisted entirely of twelve shelves of Modern Library Paperbacks, beautifully arranged and displayed.  There were three cases of four shelves each.

I have no way of knowing if this scenario is being replicated at other college bookstore around the country.  Any one seen a similar display?  

If this is being replicated elsewhere, then we may want to re-consider the question of the collectibilty of the current crop of ML paperbacks.  Many of us have shared that our interest in the ML began with our coming upon them in our college bookstores in an earlier day and time.  Maybe this is being repeated now, more often than we know?

Any way, if any of you go to Charleston, do not miss the College bookstore!

Gordon R. McCoy

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