Charles Smith chasmith7 at
Mon Jan 12 20:10:53 EST 2004

Hi everyone,

I thought I should say that I just "bought it now", and I want to thank Scot
for the heads up.  Though I haven't posted, I've been following this
listserv for quite a long time.  I'm nowhere near the ML collector that most
(or all) of you are, but I pick them up here and there and love them
dearly -- in large part because I so strongly identify with the MLs I bought
new in the '60s while in high school (and yes, I still have those few), but
also because, as a series, they're just so damned appealing.

I might as well admit that this copy of Printing History represents my first
foray into the "ML sources" world, and obviously I will have to follow it
with a Toledano and more.  So now you know that the eBay copy wasn't
snatched up by some complete stranger...  even if I'm certainly on the
fringe here.

Best regards to all,

Charles Smith
Danbury, CT

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From: "Scot Kamins" <kamins at>

> I don't usually point out eBay auctions, but this one is a good one
> for ML collectors:
> Volume 1, Number 1, 1979 of  PRINTING HISTORY, The Journal of the
> American Printing History Association is up for auction on eBay at

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