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I recently traveled south to San Diego from San Francisco. About 50% of the 
street stores I knew had closed. ML difficult to find. Acres of Books in Long 
Beach had quite a lot of ML, most without dj, but managed to find several 
Balloon cloth in djs at $8.00 each including firsts. Regular ML (not firsts) in dj 
with such great titles as Shaw's plays and Corneille were selling for $12.00 
each in dj!! Guess which I bought!
I found a few stores that were not on line and in these I found a few good 
titles very reasonably priced.
In San Francisco about 50% of the street book stores have closed in the last 
7 years. 
Still, I can always find a few ML now and again. Most I reject because of 
condition. Unless they are very rare I don't touch them if they are below NF/NF. 
Balloon cloth have to be at least VG?VG. 

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