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John Krygier jbkrygie at
Sat Feb 21 10:09:36 EST 2004

Hi Modlib,

It certainly has been quiet here!

Thought I would entertain (or bore) you with some recent bookstore 
visits, and a few
ML finds (and other similar series).  Hit 'delete' now if you want...

While in Ann Arbor MI for a meeting, I managed to sneak out and hit 
most of the local
used bookstores.  Dawn Treader is the store that got most of the praise 
in my copy of
the 'Used Book Lover's Guide' but it was just ok - prices a bit high, 
not many MLs.
More impressive was the West Side Bookshop - a nice ML section with a 
few rarities
('War in Outline') and a small but strong collection of books in 
general.  No MLs there
for me,  but I did find a few other HC series books (Westerby's 'Wide 
Boys Never Work' in
the Holiday Library, and Godwin's 'Caleb Williams' from the Rinehart 
Library Classics
- a 1960s ML-esqe series I had never seen before - apparently only 4 
titles were
ever issued).  Books in General, across from UofM, also had a ML 
section with some
nice late 60s MLs (with the redesigned Djs)...but I bought some 
semi-obscure Everyman's

The real fun was in swinging through Detroit and a visiting the John 
King Bookstore.
My bookstore guide says they have a million books and I believe it.  
Unlike other mega
used bookstores, the stock was actually above average & not too $$$.  
After 4 hours I
was a bit dizzy and had to leave.  They have shelves and shelves of the 
MLs (but none with DJs, recall that Barry Neaville is up the road from 
this store).  I
left a few gems behind (1st of Dinesen's 'Seven Gothic Tales' in an ok 
dj) and instead
got a few obscure Everyman's, a 'Golden Treasury Series' of 
Fitzgerald's 'Euphranor'
and a Modern Drama Series' copy of Dunsany's Plays.

Next up, Vermont.  Flew into Burlington and stopped at North Country 
Books.  A great
spacious bookstore with interesting prints, maps, and other goodies 
sprinkled among
a very nice stock of books.  A ML/EL section, but I picked up a few 
more ELs (see a
trend here?) including a 1st edition, 1907, of Hooker's 'Ecclesiastical 
Polity' in a dust
jacket (that is rather amazing -  DJ on a series book published 10 
years before the
first Boni & Liveright ML).  Drove down to Middlebury, where I had a 
meeting: this
tiny town actually has 5 used bookstores.  Did not get to all, but the 
small In the Alley
Bookstore has a nice inexpensive stock (got some great MLs and ELs last 
time I was
there).  I also visited Monroe Street Books, housed in an old carriage 
house in a residential
neighborhood.  A nice stock with lots of fiction.  Found a flex ML copy 
of Kuprin's Yama
which, oddly, has a 1st edition DJ (but the book is not FMLED) for $10. 
  Found a few other
series ('Pocket Library' and 'Borzoi Pocket Library') and left behind a 
nice 1st ML ed of
Edmunds 'Rome Haul' (dj was nice, but had a small divot out of the 

Certainly is nice to visit real bookstores!

Anyone else finding anything interesting out there?

John K.

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