ML titles from the 50's and 60's

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Sun Feb 8 18:52:27 EST 2004

I signed up for modlib a couple of months ago and have been 'lurking' ever 
I'm a dedicated reader (history, natural history and fiction, esp. scifi and 
who has kept the books, but don't consider myself a collector. My wife would 
likely dispute that last statement!
I signed up on modlib seeking information about a small group of ML titles 
given to me by my mother back in the 50's and 60's when I was going to school. 
In an effort to scale down the size my library, I considered throwing them out 
(the very thought pained me) or giving them to a local library sale. But then 
I thought: somebody might collect them/want them. And thus to modlib.
But after reading the postings over the last couple of months, I'm now of the 
opinion that this small group of books has very little value - no dust 
jackets and they're not old enough? So I write this message, which I think is within 
the rules? If not, I apologize! Would someone on modlib be interested in 
seeing the title's list and see what you think. Frankly, I'm perfectly willing to 
send them off to one of you modlibers, just for the cost of shipping, if, as I 
suspect is true, they don't have any significant value. Though I know roughly 
when they were given to me, I'm not even sure where to look to determine 
printing date on some of the volumes as there's nothing anywhere I can see on the 

Bob Fisher
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