Little Leather Library

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Fri Dec 31 20:29:00 EST 2004

Hi Mr. Kamins,
I'm a retired professor who recently got on this web-site because I have few
hundred MLib's, collected--quite unsystematically-- several years ago when I
made summer trips to Maine, and now I'd like to find out if I have anything
unusual therein.  Most have dj's, and I have several of the early soft
bindings, and some duplicates that I'd perhaps like to trade.  Any advice
would be appreciated.
Thanks.  Gary L. Aho, in Tigard, OR, gp.aho at
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> I typed "little leather library" in the search and popped up dozens
> of LLL sites, including a lll library for sale
> Yep. Later this evening I'll pull out some relevant info and post it
> here in case the amount of available data is overwhelming to the OP.
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