New Features for Dogeared Members

Ronald Thoman rgthoman at
Thu Dec 30 11:19:28 EST 2004


These additions are truly valuable and fun.  As always, many thanks for
your dedication and hard work on the site.

As to author bio and book content/review links priorities, I would suggest
that we do the more obscure authors/books first since it is often harder to
find information on them than it is on the more well known authors.  For
example, W. L. George and "Bed of Roses", 75.1.  It might also be useful to
give priority to books that were controversial ("Bed of Roses" fits that
bill as well, I suppose) for one reason or another.  The downside to this
approach is that it might be harder to find web links to the more obscure.

Ron Thoman

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> From: Scot Kamins <kamins at>
> To: ML LIstServ <modlib at>
> Date: 12/23/04 2:47:58 AM
> Subject: New Features for Dogeared Members
> Two new features are being added to the Members Only section of 
> Dogeared. You access the features by clicking the proper icon on the 
> dust jacket page of a particular author or title. Both projects are 
> new and in process and will take several weeks to complete the first 
> pass.
> The Bio Project: Icon links to a web-based author biography, when 
> possible at a site specializing in that author.
> The Contents Project: Icon links to the web-based content of a book, 
> usually the complete text, sometimes with graphics and/or ancillary 
> information. One of two  icons may appear, one providing a direct 
> link, and one opening a Table of Contents window with a list of 
> links.  For details about The Contents Project, go here:
> To see the new icons, members go here and scroll to "Access to
> Only a couple of bios are linked at the moment. If you have an author 
> you're interested in, let me know and I'll work on that author's bio 
> link quickly.
> Lots of titles have been linked to their text content - I've 
> completed a first pass on authors A through G (no short stories 
> collections yet and only a few plays collections so far - these will 
> wait for The Second Pass). Again, if you have a particular title 
> whose contents you'd like to see, let me know and I'll do that one 
> quickly.

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