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I received the following request and thought it best if I forward it 
to the group.

To respond, please e-mail directly to alyssa.dimar at email.it

I'll write back to her(?) saying that I've passed her request on.

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 11:29:18 +0100
To: kamins at dogeared.com
From: alyssa.dimar at email.it

Dear Sirs,
  I am an italian student in Anglo-american literature and I am 
searching for informations about american publishing trade in 
twenties and in particular about the importance in american culture 
of paperbacks.
I also need to know about the relationship between the authors and 
the editors/publishers,in particular with the Modern Library and the 
Random House.I have read about it an Epstein's book.I also need to 
know if it was so important that they published big titles as The 
Great Gatby,The Sun Also Rises or The Grapes of Wrath ( infact I 
found out that they were not their firstpublishers).
How can I find informations about it?Where I can read something about that?
Thank you very very much for your service.
I am sorry for my english.
Best regards,
                            Alessia Di Marcantonio

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