Dogeared nearing milestone

John Krygier jbkrygie at
Mon Dec 20 09:07:53 EST 2004

On Dec 19, 2004, at 5:24 PM, GORDON NEAVILL wrote:

> There are three variants of the yellow LONG VOYAGE HOME
> jacket with the Georges Schreiber painting: (1) fall 1940
> listing two plays and with statement about the John Ford
> motion picture, as shown in Dogeared; (2) spring 1944,
> listing two plays only with "etc." and statement about the
> John Ford motion picture omitted; (3) spring 1945 listing
> all seven plays.  I have the first and third; I'll scan a
> copy of (3) when I fight myself clear of the stack of term
> papers and final exams I'm currently buried under.
> I don't have (2); I assume the intention here was to add the
> titles of all seven plays, but somehow the additions weren't
> made and the jacket was printed without them.

I moved a chair, table, lamp and Tahitian To'ere from in
front of the built-in book case next to the fireplace and dug
out my copy of this title, and, lo and behold, the DJ has the
abbreviated list of plays, Barry's (2) variant, like the one
Joe found on the web (now in the dj pages).

Like the one now on dogeared, it lists two plays and does
not have the "etc."

The DJ lists 292 titles, with a fall 1943 list.

It looks like the ML just removed the movie info and "etc", at
least on the 292 DJ.  I am wondering if the spring 1944 DJ
Barry mentions really does add the "etc."  That would be
yet another variant!  PPPPTP for this title in HC, a record
for HC djs, no doubt.

john k.

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