Dogeared nearing milestone

Sun Dec 19 17:24:30 EST 2004

There are three variants of the yellow LONG VOYAGE HOME 
jacket with the Georges Schreiber painting: (1) fall 1940 
listing two plays and with statement about the John Ford 
motion picture, as shown in Dogeared; (2) spring 1944, 
listing two plays only with "etc." and statement about the 
John Ford motion picture omitted; (3) spring 1945 listing 
all seven plays.  I have the first and third; I'll scan a 
copy of (3) when I fight myself clear of the stack of term 
papers and final exams I'm currently buried under.  

I don't have (2); I assume the intention here was to add the 
titles of all seven plays, but somehow the additions weren't 
made and the jacket was printed without them.  I have a b&w 
photocopy of (2) which I made--I think--from a copy in the 
Random House corporate library.  If anyone has a copy of 
this it would be a nice addition to Dogeared.


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>On Dec 19, 2004, at 12:52 PM, Scot Kamins wrote:
>> Because of John Krygier's careful research
>well, maybe a bit on the shoddy side of careful.
>> John writes to tell me that these are missing for certain:
>> Great German Short Stories: missing the late 60s DJ shown 
in the Guide 
>> on p. 181.
>> Kafka: Dogeared is actually missing the late 60s 
redesigned DJ for 
>> this title.
>> Shakespeare: the one volume Histories/Poems & one volume 
Tragedies are 
>> missing.
>these are the pictorial (P) DJs on the single volume 
>(they look like the later DJs, when Shakespeare was divided 
into 6
>> And of course there's the 60's text Absalom Faulkner 
>> There may also be a missing Gide, an O'Neil, a swift, and 
a Thoreau
>I believe the Gide P dj for 187.1 (Counterfeiters, without 
the Journal)
>is an error, and there is only the T dj for this title.
>The O'Neill here is 'The Long Voyage Home' (111.2) - the 
Guide lists
>three (!) P djs and one T dj.  I think the two P djs and 
one T at
>dogeared are all there are, unless someone knows otherwise.
>I think the Swift is a Guide typo also: I think the T for 
>should be an = (100.2 and 100.3 both had the same T dj, and 
>revised P dj was added later.
>I think the Thoreau Walden entry in the Guide has a minor 
typo: the
>Guide indicates a different P dj for 1950-67 but I think 
the DJ
>design was the same from 1937-67.
>Crazy!  So, yeah, maybe 5 HC djs left to go, and three of 
those should 
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