Dogeared nearing milestone

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Dec 19 12:52:49 EST 2004


Because of John Krygier's careful research on hardback DJs, I've been 
able to eliminate around a half-dozen from the list as being 
non-existent. That leaves only another half-dozen or so that are 
missing. Once we have these, we can be (nearly) certain that we have 
all the hardback DJs from 1939-1970. This would be quite the the 

John writes to tell me that these are missing for certain:

Great German Short Stories: missing the late 60s DJ shown in the 
Guide on p. 181.

Kafka: Dogeared is actually missing the late 60s redesigned DJ for this title.

Shakespeare: the one volume Histories/Poems & one volume Tragedies are missing.

And of course there's the 60's text Absalom Faulkner piece.

There may also be a missing Gide, an O'Neil, a swift, and a Thoreau

We're so close - if you have any of these, please let me know, It 
would also be helpful if you can say for certain that the "may also 
be missing" pieces exist or do not exist.

Thanks, and a Happy Festivus to all!!

  Scot Kamins, FCB-0

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