Fwd: Re: Designations for spine #9 + "blindstamped"

Barnaby Rudge Booksellers - ABAA main at barnabyrudge.com
Wed Dec 15 18:13:38 EST 2004

John I am sending this again without HTML

Embossing is a raised impression. It can be blind embossed or done with ink
or foil. De-embossed or debossed which it is sometimes called is an
indentation  into the book. This also can be done blind or with ink or foil.

Here is an official definition:

Definition: In debossing an image such as a logo, a title, or other design
is heat-pressed into the surface of the paper with a die, creating
depressions rather than raised impressions as in embossing. The same
technques used for embossing - blind, foil, and ink - can be used with
debossing to create visual effects and texture. Debossing can be done on
hard and soft covers.

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