Schreiner "Story of an African Farm" HC DJ

John Krygier jbkrygie at
Sun Dec 12 20:02:53 EST 2004

Hi all,

Among a few of my recent ML finds - a 1st edition of Gibbons
"Decline & Fall" in good DJs for $5, and a hard cover copy of Wilde's
"Dorian Gray" with #1 on the DJ spine (there was a hard cover #1
Dorian Gray for a few years in the early '40s) - is a copy of the
one hard cover ML DJ I had never seen - Schreiner's "Story of an
African Farm."

I believe the Schreiner HC DJ, along with two missing Shakespeare DJs,
are the only hard cover ML DJs missing from the dogeared site.

The DJ has 271 titles, and a Spring 1941 catalog.

Here is a scan of the DJ: the first is normal size, the second a
higher rez scan for Scot:

I am guessing the hard cover Schreiner is very scarce with a DJ and
curious if anyone else out there has one.

John K.

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