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How extensively did Coronet Press, New York publisher of sheet music, reprint hardcover copies of Modern Library books? Presumably these were not knockoffs. Am aware of two titles, the Complete Plays Of Gilbert and Sullivan, and the Medici by Young. The G&S is bound in a pebbly red cloth with the Coronet logo, a crown, enclosed by a wreath, on the cover. The book title's typeface on the spine looks similar to early Giants but there's no other way of knowing from the outside that this is a ML book.

The initial page is clear: its format is the same found in many MLs, stating "The Modern Library Of the world's Best Books....The Complete Plays Of..." The backside is the usual offer of the time to send on request a folder listing ML titles. The title page has no reference to Modern Library, only Coronet Press, New York, but the blank copyright page on the backside states the familiar: " ...Bound for the Modern Library  by H. Wolf."

Barry Miller
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