Fwd: dust jacket backs

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Tue Dec 7 15:55:45 EST 2004

At 8:44 PM -0500 12/6/04, Ed Postal wrote:

>>I don't know if this was discussed before but I have found many 1960 =
>>through 1963 dust jackets with an "i" back which according to Toledano =
>>should only be through 1959.

Yeah. Dating DJ backs is a real problem, especially after 1959.

>>I also just received a Peter & alexis 1933 =
>>printing with 210 titles listed and the books issued in 1933 listed but =
>>it has a "d" back which according to the guide only was used until 1932

I wouldn't pay too much attention to one year spreads in transition 
periods. As we've learned (sometimes the hard way), ML was -erm - 
quite flexible about style changes.

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