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This Emily Dickinson has the #9/10 spine shown in the lower left of p.79, 
but the cover has the blind stamp shown at the upper right of p.78. Or I'm 
simply confused on how to interpret these pages.


At 02:28 AM 12/6/2004, Scot Kamins wrote:
>At 11:22 PM -0500 12/5/04, Michael wrote:
>>I propose that someone (like Otscay Aminskay) create a repository on 
>>dogeared for variations and anomalies which are, in effect, updates or 
>>additions to the Toledano book.
>>Henry's book is a most excellent and thorough reference, but continued 
>>puttering about with this Modern Library stuff reveals the occasional 
>>volume or dust jacket that doesn't conform to the known standards. Seems 
>>like we need a reference on the site where such anomalies are documented 
>>in some sort of organized way. The paying member of could 
>>refer to this section of the site to pencil in known differences or 
>>errata to his/her Toledano book.
>>My contribution of the moment:
>>I've got a Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson with a #9 or #10 spine, but 
>>the same blind cover stamp as the earlier printing with the #8 spine.
>Well, let's think about this. We already have a corrections, additions, 
>and extensions page for the Guide, of course:
>You're talking about a registry of anomalies for dust jackets and 
>bindings, eh? That could be interesting to see what kinds of patterns emerge.
>  But the description of the one you mention confuses me: the #9 & 10 
> spines lasted only a year or so in 1963. It was distinguished from the #8 
> spine by blind-stamping as opposed to the outline stamping of the #8. So 
> I don't know what you mean. Can you send me some scans? (Do it directly 
> to me since you can't send binaries to this listserv.)
>Typically in a transition period you'll have old leftover stock mixed with 
>newer stock, or old ideas mixed with newer ones until a basic design gets 
>settled on.
>  Scot Kamins, FCB-0
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