Tracking anomalies

Scot Kamins kamins at
Mon Dec 6 02:28:36 EST 2004

At 11:22 PM -0500 12/5/04, Michael wrote:
>I propose that someone (like Otscay Aminskay) create a repository on 
>dogeared for variations and anomalies which are, in effect, updates 
>or additions to the Toledano book.
>Henry's book is a most excellent and thorough reference, but 
>continued puttering about with this Modern Library stuff reveals the 
>occasional volume or dust jacket that doesn't conform to the known 
>standards. Seems like we need a reference on the site where such 
>anomalies are documented in some sort of organized way. The paying 
>member of could refer to this section of the site to 
>pencil in known differences or errata to his/her Toledano book.
>My contribution of the moment:
>I've got a Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson with a #9 or #10 spine, 
>but the same blind cover stamp as the earlier printing with the #8 

Well, let's think about this. We already have a corrections, 
additions, and extensions page for the Guide, of course:

You're talking about a registry of anomalies for dust jackets and 
bindings, eh? That could be interesting to see what kinds of patterns 

  But the description of the one you mention confuses me: the #9 & 10 
spines lasted only a year or so in 1963. It was distinguished from 
the #8 spine by blind-stamping as opposed to the outline stamping of 
the #8. So I don't know what you mean. Can you send me some scans? 
(Do it directly to me since you can't send binaries to this listserv.)

Typically in a transition period you'll have old leftover stock mixed 
with newer stock, or old ideas mixed with newer ones until a basic 
design gets settled on.

  Scot Kamins, FCB-0

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