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Sun Apr 25 19:26:22 EDT 2004

At 7:19 PM -0400 4/25/04, Sharon Biederman wrote:
>    On the other hand, if the book had been described correctly and I wrote
>to the BIDDER saying he/she was overpaying for the book, it certainly
>would be against policies and an unethical business practice as well.

This is indeed the rule to which I was referring (if you can stand 
the overly awkward sound of grammatically correct English).  :-D

>The question is especially tricky when the person who feels too high a
>price was paid is another seller.  Having just sold a balloon cloth copy
>in DJ of Dubliners for considerably less, I'm quite sure the unjacketed
>hardback reprint was overpriced, but it is truly not my business.
>It's not the price that should be in question; it's the inaccurate
>information the buyer was given to determine what the price should be.

I agree. If folks have accurate info from the seller, it's up to the 
buyer to determine how much to pay.

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