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Sun Apr 25 19:19:05 EDT 2004


   Which ebay rules do you mean?   I have often written to sellers about
an incorrect listing and this is certainly not discouraged by ebay; in
fact, they recommend discussing the listing with the seller if there is a
question.   I looked at the ebay listing for Dubliners that Joe mentioned
and there is a significant error in it.

   On the other hand, if the book had been described correctly and I wrote
to the BIDDER saying he/she was overpaying for the book, it certainly
would be against policies and an unethical business practice as well.
The question is especially tricky when the person who feels too high a
price was paid is another seller.  Having just sold a balloon cloth copy
in DJ of Dubliners for considerably less, I'm quite sure the unjacketed
hardback reprint was overpriced, but it is truly not my business. 
It's not the price that should be in question; it's the inaccurate
information the buyer was given to determine what the price should be.


 On Sun, 25 Apr 2004, Scot Kamins wrote:

> At 1:52 PM -0700 4/25/04, JOSEPH HILL wrote:
> >A copy on ebay is just closing @ $30.00 without dust jacket!
> >Why do we let these things happen?
> >Are we not obliged to inform?
> >
> Well, you CAN, since all it takes is an e-mail to do it. But you MAY 
> NOT according to eBay rules (if you care about such things). eBay 
> considers it interfering with an auction and you may get NARU'ed for 
> it (that is, kicked off eBay and have your status marked as "Not A 
> Registered User).
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