ML on the Sopranos

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Mon Apr 12 19:12:27 EDT 2004

I saw this, too, but didn't catch all of it... My ears did perk up when I 
heard Modern Library, however.  

I also saw another reference to ML on TV this week.  Got a DVD of the 1986 
movie "46 Charing Cross Road," Starring Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins.  In 
the movie the Bancroft character goes on a mini-rant about a copy of G70.1 
she's been given for Christmas.  "As big as the NY State Assembly Proceedings, and 
as attractively bound...and Donne and Blake in the same volume...what in the 
world do they have in common, except that that they're both English, and they 
both wrote?"   Other than being about Bibliophilia, the only other thing about 
the movie is that it was produced by Mel Brooks.  
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