Dreiser, Irving, American West jackets

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Sister Carrie: the earliest yellow dj I've seen is spring 1942; the earliest red i've seen is spring 1951.

Great Tales of the American West: the first jacket is spring 1945; the earliest with yellow lettering i've seen is fall 1946. There was probably just one printing of the first jacket.

Washington Irving: I'm not sure how many printings there are of the full color jacket with the blue background.  The first 3 printings of the book included "First ML edition" statements and are found with fall 1945. spring 1946, and spring 1947 lists at the end of the volume.  The earliest jacket with the light brown background (printed in 4 colors instead of 6) that I've seen is from spring 1958, but it must have been introduced about 10 years earlier.  RH's production department asked the artist to devise a color scheme using 4 colors in 1947, noting that the ML could no longer afford 6 color printing.  Anyone have an early example of this jacket?


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