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I have a copy of the hokey font version.  Unfortunately, the DJ front is damaged in one place.  Inside lists 316 titles.

John Peterson
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  Scot Kamins wrote:

   > http://www.dogeared.com/authors/dAuthors/DreiserJackets.html
  > Barry makes the following argument for including this color variant in 
  > the data base:
  > "The Sister Carrie in yellow is the same design as the later jacket in 
  > red, but it seems to me that it's important to include color changes in 
  > SUCCESSIVE jackets. 

  I agree!  The 'sucessive' rule may be a good guideline for which
  DJ color variations to include in the DJ pages.

  In certain instances, such minor color variations signify (I think!)
  the difference between a 1st ed and later printings: for example,
  the orange Bergson (a title which does not indicate FMLEd) and
  the Irving 1st with the colored illustration on the DJ.

  I am wondering if Barry knows the span of years the yellow 'Sister
  Carrie' DJ was used (1940 to ???).

  I also have another minor DJ variation which I have not seen
  mentioned before.  It is for the compilation 'Great Tales of the
  American West' (238.1).

  The common Dj for this title has the title at the top of the DJ
  in a somewhat hokey font.  This DJ is NOT on on the DJ pages...
  maybe someone can send it to Scot!  It is shown in the Modern
  Library Collector #14.

  The DJ at Dogeared is the same as the one I just found: the title
  typography is different (different font - script and sans serif
  [an odd combo] and colors):


  The copy I have with this DJ is a 1st (DJ lists 304 titles).

  So another Barry question: was this DJ used only on the 1st edition
  (like the Bergson and Irving variants)?  Does anyone have this DJ
  on a non 1st of this title (more than 304 titles)?

  John K.

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