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i am not answering for john, but for myself
i am impressed, because the collection you describe is impressive
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  Dear John,  I got your list off  Modern Library books that you have and
that you offered to sell to me.  Thank you for serching you inventory to
find these books.  Two of them I think are what I want (21.2 & 44.1) but the
other 3  you marked  "1925/29", which are "leatherette bindings" and my want
list is marked " balloon cloth" which are 1929/39 editons  .
  If you want,I will wait until you get your scanner  installed or if we can
talk on the phone now, I think I can ask you a few  things about the 2 books
, 21.2 , 44.1 , which will be all I need to decide to buy them. My phone #
805-966-2033. If you let me know your phone #, I can call you.

  You asked about my Modern Library backgound, but it is long and
complicated and I will be brief now but if we talk on the phone, I can give
you more.

      I am 88 years old, so we bought some books in the 1930's and along the
years.  About 20 years ago my wife and I were in a book store that had a lot
of MLBs and we decided we would start add some of them to our batch we had
from years past. but we were very casual about it.

  Now  we have a complete collection, except for the editions list  on the
want list I sent you. We have dust jackets on all our hard cover books.  Our
collection includes all editions issued in each type of binding.

  Please answer in what ever method you desire.
          Best Regards       David  Menkin

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