Few bidders for Great Gatsby

Jimmy Williamson jwslaw at jimmywilliamson.com
Sat Sep 20 15:00:54 EDT 2003

	i just dont have time to scour ebay for bargains; and usually dont buy
without a photo; and think it is a dice roll; most books are what they
purport to be, but i also have poor books sold as very good, and an
illustrated which had no illustrations;
also, if this happens on a $10 book, no big deal, but on a $500 book, it
would be a big deal, so i dont bid on high-dollar books, even if they seem
to be a good buy

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>I don't sell well on ebay,perhaps because I don't give a photo.


I for one NEVER bid on an item that doesn't have at least one photo
because ome man's VG+/VG+ is another man's fair/fair. I suspect that
I'm not alone.

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