new find and 3 musketeers

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All the first printings I've seen of the Le Clercq translation have 347
jackets, so this is new to me.  The new translation was published in
February 1950.  The lead time for printing jackets meant that many titles
published in January or even February had jackets with lists from the
preceding fall, which explains the 344 list.

I'd be interested to know if the list at the end of the volume is fall 1949
(includes Byron, Don Juan not James, Washington Square) or spring 1950
(includes James, Washington Square, not Alcott, Little Women).  I expect
it's the spring 1950 list.

I assume the jacket is the pictorial jacket used for the Le Clercq
translation, not the typographic jacket with the blue panel used on
post-1939 copies of the earlier translation (both are included in the ML
jacket database).

My guess is that only enough fall 1949 jackets were printed to supply
initial orders for the new translation.  If you could photocopy both sides
of the fall 1949 jacket (front panel and front flap & list inside the
jacket) and mail them to me, I'll include this in my bibliography.  (Address
is in the signature.)

Thanks for sharing this!


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> at a bookstore in st. louis, subterranean books, looking for ml as usual;
> no ml section; start noticing lots of ml books, all in fine or very fine
> shape with perfect djs(altho some were clipped);
> had to catch a plane, so had to stop looking; but got several; convinced
> there were more; price was not unbelievable, but was not bad ( 10-11 per
> book), especially considering the condition;
> when i asked what was up, they said someone had come in with an ml
> collection, and the store does not particularly value ml;
> now, for my question;  i got first of three musketeers, #143.2, 1950, and
> lists on the dj 344 titles; toledano says first is 347; so, are there
> with 344 ?
> jw

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