new find and 3 musketeers

Jimmy Williamson jwslaw at
Tue Sep 16 00:58:51 EDT 2003

at a bookstore in st. louis, subterranean books, looking for ml as usual;
no ml section; start noticing lots of ml books, all in fine or very fine
shape with perfect djs(altho some were clipped);
had to catch a plane, so had to stop looking; but got several; convinced
there were more; price was not unbelievable, but was not bad ( 10-11 per
book), especially considering the condition;
when i asked what was up, they said someone had come in with an ml
collection, and the store does not particularly value ml;
now, for my question;  i got first of three musketeers, #143.2, 1950, and it
lists on the dj 344 titles; toledano says first is 347; so, are there others
with 344 ?

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