John Wolansky jwol at
Wed Sep 3 17:25:30 EDT 2003

.... at Fort Washington.  Anyone from the area attending?  I rented a

This is my first sale.

While they are not Antiquarian, I will have substantially all Modern
Library books.  New at this and uncertain of how the day will run
from a seller's perspective, I will not be bringing my best stuff; however,
I will have plenty dust jacketed firsts, about ten jacketed flexis, some
ML pamphlets, about a dozen P series from the 1950's, an illustrated or
two, and lots of regular and first 1990's.  My prices for the fair are
based on the Toledano guide, my experience, and what another regular at the
fair has been offering ML books for.

If you attend, stop by and introduce yourself.

John Wolansky
jwol at

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