Which is the real 1st Franklin jacket?

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I have a very good copy of the uniform typographic Franklin jacket.  I'll
send you a scan in case you want to replace the distorted image you've just

The typographic jacket is earlier, though copies of the first printing were
probably distributed in both jackets.  The book, published in April 1932,
was originally planned to consist  of Franklin's autobiography only.  The
typographic jacket (and Goodman's introduction) reflect that.  Cerf decided
in January that the autobiography made for a rather thin volume
and asked Goodman to select additional material.  This was the period when
the ML was combining volumes (Wilde plays for example) to make more
substantial volumes that people in the Depression would consider better
value for 95 cents.  Goodman got an extra $100 for the task; then Cerf
evidently decided that the jacket should also be revised to reflect the
additional content.  The pictorial jacket designed by WC (does anyone know
who this was?) appears to have been the result.  The spine title of the

My copy of the uniform typographic jacket has a spring 1932 list (includes
Dreiser, Sister Carrie, not Dickens, Pickwick Papers).  My notes indicate
that Henry Toledano has a spring 1932 pictorial jacket.  I photocopied
Henry's pictorial jacket but my notes about it are inadequate.  I assume
it's not on coated paper since the ML began using coated paper for some
jackets in 1937.  My own copy of the pictorial jacket, on coated paper, is
from spring 1938.  It's not a very successful jacket.  Maybe the
illustration worked better on uncoated paper.

I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who has an early copy of the pictorial
jacket on uncoated paper.


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> I have just pulled from the Internet a somewhat distorted image of
> the 1932 text version DJ of the Benjamin Franklin autobiography. I've
> reconstructed it - albeit poorly - and added it to the Franklin  page:
> http://www.dogeared.com/authors/fAuthors/FranklinJackets.html
> Tolendano doesn't mention a text version of this jacket, but this one
> has the requisite 200 titles listed on the DJ inverse. Note the
> difference in the text on the DJ front.
> SO which is the correct 1st dust jacket - the textual one, as I claim
> on the page (arbitrarily), or the pictorial one?
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