Who has the 1929 gift set Nana?

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Sun Nov 30 19:09:14 EST 2003

At 5:20 PM -0700 11/30/03, Barry Miller wrote:
>John Krygier's comment clarifies something for me. About 18 months ago I
>bought the boxed set of Renaissance Romantics at a used bookstore for $20.
>The slipcase and the three books were in fine condition. But the bindings
>were not Keratols, they were T5 flexis. The jacket designs were as shown by
>Scot, except that the three jacket colors were, respectively, a pale red,
>blue and green. I subsequently sold the set at a modest profit to a ML
>collector friend.

Any chance your friend can scan the jackets and especially the box for me?
Scot Kamins

"Modern Library books are intended to be read and not just to be 
stuck away in bookcases like old sets of Balzac and Victor Hugo..."
                    - Bennett Cerf

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