Who has the 1929 gift set Nana?

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John Krygier's comment clarifies something for me. About 18 months ago I
bought the boxed set of Renaissance Romantics at a used bookstore for $20.
The slipcase and the three books were in fine condition. But the bindings
were not Keratols, they were T5 flexis. The jacket designs were as shown by
Scot, except that the three jacket colors were, respectively, a pale red,
blue and green. I subsequently sold the set at a modest profit to a ML
collector friend.

Barry Miller
bmillerasc at worldnet.att.net
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> Scot Kamins wrote:
> > And in spite of evidence to the contrary, I still believe that there's a
> > third 1929 gift set out there with special dust jackets.
> According to an article by Barry (MLC #41) the 1928 Keratol
> set "Three Renaissance Romances" was offered as the 3rd gift
> set in 1929, without the special bindings and dust jackets.
> Unlike the other two 1929 sets (and the 1928 set) the books
> cannot be distinguished from other ML bindings/DJs at the
> time, so you would have to have them tucked in a box to know
> they were part of the box set.
> MLC #41 reproduces an advert for the 1929 box sets, (also in
> MLC #19, #17).
> Also in MLC#41 is a listing of the ten (!) 1926 box sets, which
> did not have unique bindings/DJs but had 5 books in each set.
> Get thee to the MLC!
> jk

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