Gift sets (continuing)

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Nov 30 13:12:15 EST 2003


In John's recent response to my posting, he mentioned Barry's article 
in issue #41 of MLC (referenced at the end of my Gift Set article).

He also mentioned the ad at the bottom of that page ("Gift Sets $2.85 
per set"). Part of the text for that ad reads "Bound in gay colors, 
with picture jackets." Three sets of books are mentioned, including 
one with the same titles as the 1928 set.

So here we have reference at or near Christmas 1929 to three sets in 
gaily-colored bindings with non-typographical DJ's.  I can't 
reconcile this with Barry's comments in the article and John's 
reference to them.

Hence I believe that there's a third set. Maybe in Iraq, maybe not.

What am I missing?
Scot Kamins
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