New Dogeared Article: 1928 & 1929 Gift Sets

Sat Nov 29 14:50:26 EST 2003

I sold a boxed set that was in nice shape about 10-12 years ago (before ebay) 
for some ridiculously low price- maybe $30-$40. Not one of my better moves. 
My  estimate for a price today- $300-500. 

<< The boxes are almost unknown. Barry reported seeing a crumbling box 
 on a trip he took within the last couple of years (memory fades - 
 mine, not his); I think he said that was the first set he had seen. 
 One was displayed at the Modern Library conference in Burbank in late 
 1999; that was the only box I've ever seen.
 Individual volumes will pop up more frequently than sets, of course, 
 but they're quite scarce especially in jacket.
 I think putting a price on them is quite difficult. Maybe Pete 
 Chocheles will take a stab at this one!
 Scot Kamins >>

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