When did "Counterfeiters" get The Journal?

Michael Stutz stutz at dsl.org
Mon Nov 24 19:10:38 EST 2003

Scot Kamins <kamins at dogeared.com> quoted:

> "Also, I am a bit confused as to when [Gide's Counterfeiters] was
> revised as ML #327 (Gide's Journal was added and the number changed)
> - Henry's Guide says 1962, but Scot shows a 1955 copy of #327. Must
> be a typo somewhere."

I've got a copy of #327 with the journal. The jacket's blank (no ML
list on back), and the last copyright in the book is 1955. Does that
make it a 1955 copy, or is there some more definitive way to tell? I'm
new at this. The torchbearer on the spine of the book (in contrast to
the one on the jacket), and the "ml" pattern on the endpapers, both
look too "late modern" for the fifties, like something out of the

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